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Las Vegas Raiders
Canon USA
SGI - Silicon Graphics
24 Hour Fitness
Cyto Sport
Network Solutions
Solve Crimes YouTube Channel

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Navigating the ever-evolving online landscape can be daunting for small businesses striving to stay current. The reality is, the digital realm has transformed the way small businesses operate, but many super small businesses seem to have missed the memo (because they never got one).

At Skorched, we've put together a straightforward list outlining the bare minimum (in our opinion) steps needed for your business to 1) get found by potential customers and 2) keep up with competitors.

Our no-nonsense, catch-free eBook is devoid of unnecessary fluff. You won't find marketing jargon or sales pitches here—just clear descriptions and explanations. It's a concise snapshot of the challenges facing small business owners today.

Get your free copy now and stay ahead...without the hassle.

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local seo strategies for small businesses

We don't focus on the algorithms and things that we can't control. We want your website to be found and for it to be easy for your customers, and potential customers, to find what they are looking for. The way that we will incorporate the important SEO factors, your website WILL be found when your market is looking for a business just like yours.
"(Small) business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the internet and using search engine optimization (SEO) to increase revenue for their business. Climbing to the top of Google’s search engine is something almost every business owner should want since it can exponentially increase revenue."

– Forbes Magazine, 2021

Forbes Magazine says that SEO can exponentially increase revenue for small businesses.

web design for today's standards

Yes, things have changed, but the idea of building a professional website that is modern and easy to use hasn't changed at all. Our talented group of website designers has created thousands of sites since 1995. Your website will look amazing and load quickly – on all devices.
Skorched Local SEO & Web Design - Website Team
"A website is a powerful tool for small businesses. It can level the playing field with larger competitors, showcase products and services, and build credibility with potential customers."

– John Rampton,
Entrepreneur and Investor

website design examples

All websites are designed to a business's unique specifications. Each have different requirements for every different industry. See our FAQ page for more.

Please Note:
The examples below are not what your website will look like. Your website will be customized for your company and for your individual business goals.

Website Example - Professional Athlete
Website Example - Executive Chef
Website Example - Lakeside Resort
Website Example - Full-Service Salon
Website Example - Full-Family-Owned Restaurant
Website Example - Plumbing Contractor
Website Example - Full-Blogger
Website Example - Full-ADA Compliance Consultancy
Website Example - Auto Repair/Mechanic
Website Example - Professional Photographer

    website design

    Skorched SEO and Web Design Services has been developing websites since 1994 – when websites were created in a text editor and SEO wasn't even a thing yet. Since then, we've developed websites and consulted for Baseball Hall of Famer Willie Mays, Oakland Raiders, Oakland A's, Silicon Graphics (SGI), Canon USA, NBA Stars Jason Kidd & Stephon Marbury, Pittsburgh Steelers, Network Solutions, 24 Hour Fitness and thousands of others.

    Considering that SEO begins and ends with your website, we can optimize a current site or create a new, modern website from scratch for your small business. A new website design will be built to attract new business that makes your phone ring.

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    “Skorched performed Local SEO work on our website. The number of people who now visit our site – and our restaurant – every single day is simply hard to believe – and it keeps going up!”Tofanelli's Gold Country Bistro
    “I had no idea that I needed this or that something was missing. They did just as they said they would and now I have customers calling and filling out appointment requests every day. It's great and growing.”European Auto Care
    “When we first approached the Skorched team, we knew that we needed a lot of help. We are a small lakeside resort and we were still making reservations on our desk calendar. Skorched simplified everything and we are now getting reservations from all over the state – and now they can pay online!”Rollins Lakeside Inn Resort
    “We are a full-service salon in a resort town in Mexico. We needed to reach Americans and Canadians while planning their vacations here. Skorched has increased our appointments by over 50%! We are very glad that we don't have to do this ourselves.”Salon Diva's

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    Our articles are mostly for small business owners thinking of tackling SEO on their own or in-house. The information is vital in order to stay on top of the ever-changing, fast moving world of SEO.

    A solid Small Business SEO Foundation is the starting point for online success.

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