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Skorched's award-winning web hosting is built and supported by web developers.

Rather than having to deal with the effects of a shared server that is insecure, slow, a single location, and 2002 technology, you'll have a dedicated, secure, fast server with an individual IP, multiple locations, and 2022 technology...not 2002.

Content Delivery Network (CDN): From now on, you'll be delivering your content closer and faster to site visitors than ever before from 121 server locations, across 6 continents.

Hosting: Dedicated CPU
Dedicated CPU, memory, and IP so you'll never be impacted by other sites or shared resources.
Hosting: Web Application Firewall
Web Application Firewall and dynamic malware defense with optimized rule sets / blocklists for elite security.
Hosting: Daily Backups
Daily backups with 30 days storage, easy restore, and manual backup feature.
Hosting: Support
The best hosting support. Yes, really.
Hosting: Seamlessly Integrates
Hosting that seamlessly integrates with plugins, site management, automation, and templates.
Hosting: Staging Environment
Integrated, one-click staging environment so you can develop and deploy with absolute confidence.

Also Includes
+ WordPress Templates
+ Free SSL Certificate
+ Easy SFTP/SSH Access
+ WooCommerce Ready
+ Self-Healing Technology
+ File/Database Manager
+ WP-Optimized Resources
+ Git, Composer & NPM
+ FastCGI & Object Cache
+ Detailed Site Analytics
+ 99.9% Uptime - Guaranteed
+ phpMyAdmin & WP-CLI

We are here to help you, your website, and your business succeed.

Broken Link Checker
Broken Link Checker is just one of the many valuable tools included with all of our web hosting packages.

Broken Link Checker Tool

Having our Broken Link Checker tool (included) for your website is invaluable, particularly for SEO purposes. Broken links on a website can significantly impact user experience, leading to frustration and potentially increased bounce rates as visitors encounter dead ends.

From an SEO perspective, these broken links are detrimental as they disrupt the flow of link equity throughout the site and can negatively affect its ranking in search engine results.

Search engines like Google prioritize the user experience, and encountering broken links sends a signal of poor site maintenance and outdated content. By using a broken link checker, website owners can proactively identify and fix broken links, ensuring a seamless user experience, maintaining the integrity of their site's structure, and ultimately supporting better SEO performance.

This INCLUDED tool is essential for keeping your website healthy, user-friendly, and favorably viewed by search engines.

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