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flex those muscles! you need to boost domain authority

online consumers care what your domain authority score is – whether they know it or not

I’m sure you have heard the term “Domain Authority” (DA). Certainly in regards to search engine optimization (SEO). But what is Domain Authority all about, and why should you even care about it?

As I discussed in my Google E-E-A-T article, your company’s overall online authority is very important these days. Your authority in your area and industry makes a difference where your website gets listed in online searches. Google does reward those websites that provide well-written and well-researched content. Consumers may not know why particular websites are at the top of their search results. But Google’s choices absolutely affect the way they choose which website they decide to click on.

where did domain authority scores come from, anyway?

Moz originally developed Domain Authority (0 to 100). It measures the credibility of a company’s domain. Based on several factors, it calculates the quality and quantity of backlinks, social media, and the overall performance of a website. A website with a higher Domain Authority is shown to be more authoritative and trustworthy, which can lead to higher rankings and higher traffic.

Domain Authority is described as:
1. The track record of a website and the content authors
2. Quality of the information
3. Website centrality
4. Competitiveness of a specific overall subject

Google does not use Moz’s domain authority score directly. It does, however, use almost the same factors to calculate its own measure of a website’s authority.

domain authority is not the same thing as page authority

No. Domain Authority evaluates and ranks an entire domain and all of its contents. Page Authority is the probability of a specific page ranking. This way you are able to zero in on a blog post or product page (or any other) and analyze whether or not the page needs some work.

how you can see what your domain authority is now?

Moz has an online tool called Link Explorer where you can place your domain’s root URL (i.e. skorched.com). It will list your Domain Authority, the number of linking domains, inbound links, and the number of ranking keywords. Moz also lists more information than you ever wanted to know, but it is very interesting info to peruse.

Find your Domain Authority score from the Moz website.
Find your Domain Authority score and much more by using the Link Explorer tool from Moz.

now that you know what domain authority is, let’s talk about why you should care about it

better search engine rankings

One of the main reasons you should care about Domain Authority is that it can directly impact your website’s search engine rankings. When a search engine crawls your website, it takes into consideration various factors, including your Domain Authority. A higher score can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). That can lead to increased visibility, traffic, and ultimately, conversions.

increased trust and credibility

Domain Authority is also an indicator of the trust and credibility of your website and your company. If your website has a high Domain Authority, it shows that it is a trusted source of information and that other websites consider it to be authoritative. This can help build trust with your audience, which can lead to increased brand awareness, loyalty, and ultimately, sales.

better link building opportunities

Another benefit of having a high Domain Authority score is that it can open up more link building opportunities for your website. When other websites link to your website, it can help to increase your Domain Authority, which in turn can lead to even higher search engine rankings. It can also make it easier to attract high-quality backlinks from other authoritative websites in and around your industry.

improved user experience

Having a high-scoring Domain Authority can also lead to an improved user experience on your website. When your website ranks higher in search engine results, it can lead to more traffic and more satisfied users. It can also help to establish your website as a credible source of information, which can lead to more engagement, social shares, and a better experience for your visitors.

raise your domain authority score

Don’t worry if your Domain Authority (DA) is low. Everyone scores low at first. And before you ask, yes, your score could drop if you don’t follow the rules. I know someone whose website domain was a healthy 23, but after neglecting his site for a couple of years, things changed. That healthy score of 23 is now 8. He now has to start from scratch and follow the same things I’ve listed below.

Note: Building up your Domain Authority takes time. It’s not an overnight fix and it may take some time to see results. However, faithfully following the practices below will help to increase your website’s ranking and visibility in search results…while your Domain Authority slowly grows.

quality over quantity – check your backlinks

Remember, backlinks are only as good as the Domain Authority of the website linking to you. Don’t waste your time trying to acquire lower quality backlinks.

raise your domain authority with the best content

Having well-written and researched content will make it so much easier to get unsolicited quality backlinks. Make sure your content is focused on your target audience. With luck, they’ll share it and get some viral activity going for you.

go through your previous content

Revisit your older content and update it where you can. Edit it for clarity, update any outdated content, and add quality sections where applicable.

is your stuff as good as their stuff?

It’s important to evaluate your competitors to see if your content is as good as it can be. If your competition is ranking on a short article they wrote years ago, make sure yours is better. Make sure your article/blog is better researched, more in-depth, and has more content. It matters.

have the right tools for the job

If you have an SEO tool that drills down and lists where your competition gets their quality backlinks, write them down. You can then (after you beef things up on your website) contact them and ask for a backlink. Every bit helps raise your Domain Authority score. See our article listing free SEO tools for reference.

raise your domain authority score by being your own evangelist

I know it feels a bit self-aggrandizing, but you’ve got Domain Authority goals! Share your content on social media, send it to your email list, put it in print, etc. Figure out a way to get as many people interacting with your content as possible. Encourage them to share your content as well.

hey, you’ve reached the finish line! (of this article, anyway)

Now you’ve seen how Domain Authority is an important metric that you should totally care about. That is, if you want to improve your search engine rankings, increase your trust and credibility, and attract more high-quality backlinks.

If you’ve been doing your own research for a while and you’ve been reading the articles here, you may see a common thread there. All of this SEO stuff points to the very reason Google’s algorithm is constantly updating. Improve your website technically and operationally (speed, navigation). Update your content and make sure it’s as solid as it can be.

By focusing on building a strong and authoritative online presence for your company, you can help improve your Domain Authority. Your online visibility and your Domain Authority score will be on the rise in no time…for the long haul.

please note: I will be constantly updating this article as I find new information, change my mind, or if I hear feedback that I haven’t thought of – by people like YOU. I’ll also update this article if I think of ways to improve it. Keep checking back. Share this article with those who you think could use the help and please write your comments and questions below. It could help me…and others.

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