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google’s latest core update (march 2024) has been brutal for some website owners – is your website safe from deletion?

core update nightmares

There are a lot of website owners currently freaking out after Google began rolling out its core update the first week of March 2024.

Things are getting a bit crazy on Reddit, Twitter or X or whatever, and other social media platforms. It seems as if YouTube videos on the subject are being posted every minute or so. There is a lot of whining and even some marveling at the recent aftermath of Google’s update.

Just think, this core update will continue to be rolled out all month long.

you’re website is probably safe from google’s core update

It’s important to let you know right up front that most all of the people freaking out right now are “SEO gurus” who like to push things to the very limit. They look for loopholes in the Google algorithm and deploy methods they hope will get their websites as much site traffic and as high in the search engine results as possible.

A lot of the websites affected by this core update are SEO test sites and not the main website for those who are not very happy right now.

with core update, google is taking a stand on the issue of artificial intelligence (ai)

Whether you’ve engaged in the practice of using AI to create content to rank better on Google or not, you’ve no doubt heard about it by now. Used responsibly, ai can be a great help when creating content for your website pages, blog posts (or articles), and social media posts. By responsibly, I am referring to using ai as a tool to help you create content.

What Google is most concerned with are the websites that purposefully push the limits as far as they can. It is rumored that some websites have had ai generate up to 500 or 1,000 posts PER DAY. This means that the content is 100% ai generated. These pages are not edited by a human.

Some of these sites are experiments by the SEO experts I’ve mentioned, but many of them are trying to “trick the system” by getting an explosion of high search rankings and therefore more traffic to their websites. Google is out to squash that practice, starting with this core update.

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unlike previous updates, core update has gotten personal

The biggest complaint I’ve heard about core update is that the websites built as experiments by these gurus have been completely removed from Google’s search database. Not by a faceless algorithm, but by a human. A human employee at Google.

I won’t be naming anyone, but many of these gurus have popular YouTube channels where they help other website owners with their tips and tricks and the results they’ve had. Thankfully for most, they create websites that are only used for experimental SEO procedures and not using their main income-generating websites. At least that’s what they are saying.

Google has been paying close attention to these YouTube channels–especially the ones with tons of traffic. You remember that YouTube is owned by Google, right?

Many of these channel owners are losing their minds over Google’s core update on social media, while some are staying off of public sites because of the backlash they are receiving. One follower wrote, “How do you feel about being a famous YouTuber NOW?” Ouch. Brutal.

why does google even care about ai-generated websites?

Remember, Google’s focus isn’t you and it isn’t me. Their goal is to provide web searchers using Google’s search engine with the very best content based on what they are looking for.

Google can see a future with so much website content created solely by AI that–if not handled now–it would be difficult to find the absolute best content to present to web searchers.

They do not want to provide content-rich search results with no substantial–HUMAN–assistance. Google wants to provide the best content to searchers that helps them in whatever their endeavors are. This includes connecting with a real company that can help them with products and/or services.

This is where the latest core update comes in.

Beware of those clowns who tell you “If you just give me your credit card, I’ll have you ranked #1 on Google by tomorrow!” Get to work on solidifying your company’s online presence. Ultimately, that’s how you’ll win.

my advice? stop looking for loopholes in core update and get to work on your business

I’ve been saying pretty much the same thing in articles on Google’s E-E-A-T, Topical Authority, Core Web Vitals, Domain Authority, Google Map Pack, etc. The best approach to getting your business to rank as high as it can is simply to do the real work.

Some see the information that Google publishes about their algorithm updates (such as the recent core update) as “rules” from an all-powerful company. Stop it. If you pay attention, Google’s plan is GOOD for you and your company in the long run.

What they are saying is that if you present your business online as an authority in its field (deep content in the industry), and show that your business is a trusted source in the industry (by way of links from other trusted website sources and great reviews), you’ll have success. Google is implementing these changes to weed out the imposters. The ones attempting to “trick the system.”

save your money and fire the jokers giving you false promises

If you got sold on outlandish claims that you can be ranked number one on Google in two weeks, you’re unfortunately not alone. Get rid of them and hang up on crazy promises over the phone. You’ve heard the phrase, “If it sounds too good to be true…” right? Yeah, it fits here, too.

So stop looking for shortcuts to beating Google’s core update and start focusing on the content on your website, social media outreach (if it works in your industry), gathering more reviews, ensuring that your website is fast-loading, well-designed, and up-to-date within your industry.

Doing these things consistently means that you’ll never have your website removed from Google’s search database and you’ll never have to completely revamp your website because some trickery is no longer working.

Trust me, Google’s core update will be a very good thing for all of us legitimate business owners.

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